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Stylish Storage Options

At Eberly Barns, we have whatever type of storage shed you are looking for. Regardless of your budget requirements and design tastes, we have the exact shed for you. So where do we start? Let’s take a look at all of the different options we provide to store your items in style.

Dutch Style Storage Barn

This classic storage option provides an impressively high ceiling and plenty of overhead storage. You can use our Dutch Style Storage Barn to keep your storage boxes safe or even provide shelter to your outdoor tools and mowers. Each model comes with wide double doors, two windows, and a pair of shutters. These storage barns come in either an 8×8 model or the more spacious 14×40 option. These storage barns can even have an added loft in its raised ceiling.

Quaker Style Storage Barn

Our great Quaker Style Storage barns feature a unique 15” overhang roof that gives it a more finished and refined look. Keep your items safe and secure in either a 6×8 design or upgrade to our 12×36 layout. Each of these storage options comes complete with stylish double doors, windows, and shutters.

 A-Frame Storage Barn

This storage barn option features a vented ceiling that can match a traditional home. The higher pitch roofline and traditional structure brings a touch of class to any backyard. The A-Frame storage barns also offer customizable designs. The standard features of this storage barn are steel double doors, two windows equipped with shutters, two end vents, and solid shingles. If you are looking for more variety, you can upgrade to our New England package that offers overhangs on all four sides. These storage barns come in either 6×8 or 14×40 size packages.

Colonial Style

Our Colonial Style Storage barns resemble that of a Colonial home, featuring a unique roofline and a third gable above the door. Standard options for this storage barn include double doors for easy tractor accessibility, windows with shutters, and a steel entrance door. This elegant option is sure to provide your backyard with some added flare.

 Mini Barns

These smaller barns are great for storing outdoor tools and have a surprising amount of head space for its size. These barns maintain a simple style while still presenting a traditional design. Our Mini Barns come standard with a set of double doors and a window and are available in both 4×8 and 12×36 storage sizes.

 Economic Barns

Your perfect fit for a tight budget! Our economic barns offer our lowest prices without sacrificing quality. These truly are the best way to provide yourself with the storage space you need without breaking the back. The same standard hardware is still available for our economic barns, featuring a set of double doors and two end vents. Get your barn in either 4×8 or 10×8 size.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage barns and receive a free quote! We’d be more than happy to discuss how we can add to your backyard setting.