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Horse Barn Styles: How to Tell Them Apart

Today there are so many different types of horse barns on the market, it can be complicated to find which kind is right for your specific needs. At Eberly Barns, we offer a wide variety of horse barn styles that range in style, color, size, and more. But before we can start fully customizing your unique structure, we first need to establish which basic structure will be right for you. We offer a variety of structures such as run-in sheds, shed rows, lean-to’s, and L-shaped barns. Read below to find out the differences between these barns and learn which horse barn will fit your needs.

Run-In Sheds

These barns are a perfect option for quick shelter for your horses. The open design allows them to easily come and go from the structure as they please. These barns are not only a great option for your horses, they also can help you out by saving money. Our run-in sheds are great economical options to house your horses. Run-in sheds are also fully customizable and come with options such as gable vents, drop vents, and extra windows to provide ventilation for your animals. Want more customization? Our Run-in sheds can also provide addition stalls and tack rooms if you have a larger number of horses.

Shed Rows

Our shed rows are more of an enclosed option compared to our Run-in sheds, providing a safe place for your horses to be. Again, our shed rows are fully customizable, providing a large range of options to keep your horses safe such as single stalls, stalls with tack rooms, and multiple stalls with or without a tack room. Even though our shed rows are built to cater to your exact needs, they do come standard with a Dutch door into each stall as well as a sliding window and partitions with grills and 4’ oak kick-boards lining the entire stall. Overall our shed rows provide an economic and safe place for your horses to house.

Lean-to barns

Looking for added space without the added cost? A Lean-to barn could be the right choice for you. Lean-to’s provide an interior design similar to our shed rows with an overhead awning that provides a safe haven for your horses from a storm or sun rays. Lean-to’s are also very easy to customize and configure. Features such as added stalls, feed rooms, run ins, and wash rooms can be added to make your lean-to barn unique and provide your horses with the shelter they need.

L-shaped barns

This stylish, spacious, and fully customizable option offers housing for your horses with a wide variety of economic options. Our L-shaped barns are very uniquely shaped and will bring an enhanced and classy presence to any farm. The L-shaped barn is less boxy looking than our shed row and lean-to options and has many optional upgrades such as additional stalls, tack rooms, gable and drop vents, windows, and more. Bring a made-to-order L-shape barn to your farm to lodge your horses with class.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn how we can create a customized package and estimate specific to your needs. No matter which style you choose, we can make a horse barn especially for you.