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Did You Know We Sell Rabbit Hutches Too?

At Eberly Barns, we are most known as one of the region’s top provider of barns, storage units, chicken coops, and even dog kennels. But one of our best-kept secrets are our rabbit hutches. We provide wooden, rustic shelters for your furry friends at a great price point.

Our rabbit hutches aren’t mass manufactured in some factory, they are 100% authentically made by real Amish craftsmen. If you’re looking for an impressive piece to show off to your friends and family, look no further! These kits are pre-built and ready to go for pick up locally at our shop. If, however, you are out of the area and want to purchase one of our one-of-a-kind rabbit hutches, we’ve got you covered. We can deconstruct the hutch and ship it to you in a kit form to anywhere in the United States.

Like all of our products, our rabbit hutches are made-to-order and completely customizable with multiple different finishes and colors to make your hutch uniquely yours.

Interested in learning more about our rabbit hutches or any of our other products? Contact us today and we can discuss how Eberly Barns can make you a custom structure you’re bound to enjoy.